Task 24/09


Distance task 24/09

  1. Documents are usually written in ink
  2. I was careful to apply the paint evenly in order not to apply two coats
  3. Mr Boddington`s new book may be published in January.
  4. She was brought up in a friendly atmosphere.
  5. More antioxidants are found in a glass of pomegranate juice than in red wine.
  1. Millions of dollars worth of damage cause by a storm last night.
  2. The new product is supposted to come out soon.
  3. I must get my dad to buy me a new computer.
  4. The delegation was impressed my the place of interest in Paris.
  5. Carrots are given to young children as a substitute for snacks high in sugar.
  1. Many people had rescued from the floods my fire-fighters.
  2. Is English spoken in many countries all around the world?
  3. Life`s a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.
  4. Father`s shirt is being ironed by my younger sister.
  5. The Amazon Rainforest gets its life from the majestic Amazon River.
  1. The roads were blocked by fallen trees.
  2. Instead of buying a new car, have your old one repaired.
  3. Will be these documents taken to the head office next Monday?
  4. Very little is needed to make a happy life.
  5. Compounds found only in pomegranates are shown to benefit the blood vessels.
  1. The cyclist was hit by a trailer truck.
  2. A policeman stopped Tom for speeding.
  3. The work should do by yourself to achieve good results.
  4. How much money is being transferred to you?
  5. The paint bucket had to be hung on the top of the ladder while working.
  1. A good computer was recommended to me.
  2. The River Reiner burst its banks after a heavy rain.
  3. My sister has been promoted to a management position at work.
  4. Mr. Harrington had us replace the broken window.
  5. Tangerine oil in concidered to reduce anixety. 
  1. A tall ladder was needed to paint the kitchen ceiling.
  2. Firefighters had received hundreds of calls for help.
  3. When painting, a color very close to the original used by me.
  4. Fruit and vegetables are bought at the greengrocer`s.
  5. During World War I Ernest Hemingway was wounded on the Italian front.
  1. Wind speeds reached ninety miles an hour in some places.
  2. Someone ought to wash those dishes right away.
  3. The directives will be shown to us.
  4. Many people could have been killed during that dangerous trick.
  5. Mushroom was highly prized by the Romans.
  1. The furniture was broken up for firewood.
  2. The Beatles were an English rock band fromed in Liverpool, in 1960.
  3. Everithing possible was done to get things back to normal.
  4. My boss told me to send the check to a Nigerian bank account.
  5. Animals and slaves were sometimes given samples of musherooms to test their reactions.
  1. Someone must have picked it up by mistake.
  2. The tree had been decorated with colorful ballons.
  3. Two of the climbers were injured.
  4. How stupid of you to have invited that boring person!
  5. The old myths of cooking mushrooms with a silver coin or spoon have not been substantiated.
  1. Nuclear power stations are thought to be dangerous.
  2. Have the janitor arrange for the plumber to deal with the blockage.
  3. This surgeon is considered to be a brilliant practitioner.
  4. These flowers should be planted in a sunny place.
  5. The singer Michael Jackson was dubbed the King of pop.
  1. He is thought to have been on holiday.
  2. The flight must have been postponed because of the fog.
  3. The Board offered the manager`s job to Simon.
  4. The article had translated in thirteen languages.
  5. One of Michael Jackson`s gloves was slod for 200.000 dollars in Los angeles.
  1. The world-famous opera Aida was written by Verdy.
  2. These books must have returned within a fortnight.
  3. Alice badly hurt by his words.
  4. He was fired for his irresponsibility.
  5. When dubbed into English, a lot of the original meaning of foreign films is lost in the translation

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