Homework/Distance Learning


A: Put in the infinitive or the -ing form of the verb in brackets.

1. I was overjoyed __seeing__(see) you at the party.
2. The nuclear station is not likely __to blow up__(blow up) although it may shut down.
3. Janice was sad __seeing__(see) such poverty when she visited India.
4. It’s possible __to work__(work) all day without being disturbed.
5. You are free __to leave__(leave) any time you want to.
6. You should be able to practice __singing__(sing) every day.
7. Scientists are hoping __to discover__(discover) a new chemical element.
8. I don’t mind people __asking__(ask) me questions.
9. He works too slowly __to be of__(be) any use to me.
10. He can ‘t stand __waiting__(wait) for other people.
11. I guess there is no point __sitting__(sit) around here any longer.
12. The lemonade was cool enough for us __to drink__(drink).
13. Please stop __interrupting__(interrupt) me when I am trying to explain something.
14. I’ve forgotten __to buy__(buy) flowers for my girlfriend’s birthday.
15. I simply can’t afford __wasting__(waste) time trying to explain this to you.
16. The thief admitted __to entering__(enter) the house but says he didn’t take anything.
17. I don’t really fancy __spending__(spend) my holidays in Spain.
18. I apologized to her but she refused __to accept__(accept) it.
19. He offered to help me __repair__(repair) my motorcycle.
20. Why does John keep __writing__(write) to you?

B: Complete the report by putting the verbs in the correct form, using ing or to.

Swimmer abandons Channel swim
James Forsyth has decided (1)__to abandon__(abandon) his second attempt at
(2)__swimming__(swim) the English Channel after (3)__breaking__(break) his ankle in a
cycling accident. His decision (4)__to postpone__(postpone) this attempt came after a two
week holiday (5)__mountainbiking__(mountainbike) in Majorca with his wife. His first attempt was also unsuccessful and he is unlikely (6)__to be__(be) back training for quite a few months. He said in a recent interview that he had not yet decided whether
(7)__to try__(try) one more time, but denies (8)__losing__(lose) total interest in
the project. ‘I aim (9)__to raise__(raise) money for a local charity’ he explained. He
continued by (10)__saying__(say) that if he could manage (11)__to find__(find) the
time, he would do a lot more charity work.

C: Put in the infinitive or ing form of the verbs in brackets.

1. It’s no use __crying__(cry) over spilt milk.
2. This examination is not worth __worrying__(worry) about.
3. After __registering__(register) for the course, please come and see me.
4. I am pleased __to announce__(announce) the new President of our company.
5. I would like to remind you __to bring__(bring) some information about our new
6. I would rather __die__(die) than live in that place.
7. He didn’t set out __to be__(be) malicious.
8. It never occurred to her __to bring__(bring) something with her .
9. I don’t have anything __to do__(do) but study for my exams.
10. As soon as he had finished __changing __(change) the baby’s nappy, we went to visit
my mother.
D: Complete the sentences with these verbs.

1. Julie suggested __going__ to the movies but I was really tired and decided against it.
2. Would you mind __closing__ the window, please?
3. I like Susan very much but she does tend __to talk__ an awful lot.
4. Can someone show me how __to change__ the film in this camera?
5. You seem __to lose__ a lot of weight.
6. Everyone wanted him __to win__ the tournament.
7. They don’t allow you __to smoke__ in this building.
8. She wouldn’t let me __read__ the letter she had written to her aunt.
9. I would advise you __to stay__ the night because the roads are treacherous.
10. Child psychologists do not encourage __watching__ TV after 9 o’clock at night.

E: Correct the following sentences.

1. Tom suggested I buy a new laptop computer.
2. Why do you dislike watching TV with me.
3. Try some of this wine. Maybe you will like it.
4. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.
5. He apologized to me for the delay.
6. Did you have any trouble getting a green card for the States.
7. It is a waste of time going to the Psychology lecture.
8. I can’t afford to go on holiday.
9. Foreigners are not used to driving on the left
10. I’m going to Spain to learn Spanish.

F: Complete the sentences with either the infinitive or -ing form.

1. It is difficult __to find__(find) a place to park in this town.
2. Peter prefers __to drive__(drive) rather than travelling by train.
3. It’s time __to clean__(clean) this kitchen.
4. She was sitting in her armchair __to watch__(watch) television.
5. I can’t help __falling__(fall) in love with you.
6. I’ve given up __trying__(try) to communicate with John.
7. There is no point __spending__(spend) too long on the individual questions.
8. She used to __say__(say) she would return to her job when the children grew up.
9. If you put off __explaining__(explain) it to her, then it will only become worse.
10. Many dream of __winning__(win) the lottery so that they never have to work again.

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