Agatha Christie


Readers the world over have lost themselves in her books. These fans are known as “armchair detectives”. Many thought her to have been the world‟s greatest mystery  writer. Agatha Christie was encouraged to write by her mother. When sick, she was told to write a story. So putting her thoughts on paper became a habit. Whenever she didn‟t feel well, she wrote. She had studied music and wanted to be a singer. But she soon realized her voice was not as good as it needed to be. She picked  up a pen and began to write. She wrote and wrote; a book was the result. One of  her friends told her she should keep writing. Marriage to an English army officer was her next step. She wrote detective stories in her free time. The hero was a small fat man, Hercule Poirot. She tried to sell the book. She sent it to many firms but no one wanted it. Finally, it was  accepted and printed. It was sold, read and became a success. A. Christie continued to write mystery stories. She created a new character,  Miss Jane Marple, another super detective. Meantime, she was not very happy and got a divorce. Her second marriage was to an archeologist. Together, they spent much time in Egypt and around the Nile, and that experience was reflected in many of her best books. Besides books, she wrote short stories and plays. Her works have been printed in most countries in the world. Next to Shakespeare, she is considered to be the second most popular English writer.

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