Read the text and answer the questions


 1  According to paragraph 1, what has happened in some oil producing countries?

A They are unwilling to sell their oil any more.
B They are not producing as much oil as they used to.
C The supply of oil is unpredictable.
D Global warming is more sever here than in other countries.

2  Where in paragraph 1 can the following sentence be placed?
There is also likely more electricity generation centres, as households and communities take up the opportunity to install photovoltaic cells and small scale wind turbines. 


3  Which of the following is NOT a benefit of Smart Grid technology to consumers?

A It can reduce their electricity bills.
B It can tell them how much energy each appliance is using.
C It can allow them to turn appliances on and off when they are not at home.
D It can reduce the amount of energy needed to power appliances.

4  According to paragraph 4, what is the problem with using renewable sources of power?

A They do not provide much energy.
B They often cause system failure and blackouts.
C They do not supply a continuous flow of energy.
D They can’t be used at off-peak times.

5  In paragraph 6, what can be inferred about cities in the future?

A More people will be living in cities in the future than nowadays.
B People in cities will be using cars and buses powered by electricity.
C All buildings will generate their own electricity.
D Smart Grid technology will only be available in cities.

6  The word ‘remote’ in paragraph 5 could be best replace by:

A isolated
B crowded
C attractive
D alone

7  The word ‘underway’ in paragraph 6 is closest in meaning to:

A permanent
B complete
C beneficial
D in progress

8  17 What is the main idea of the final paragraph? (paragraph 6).

A To describe who will benefit from Smart Grid technology first.
B To outline the advantages of Smart Grid technology.
C To summarise the main ideas in the previous paragraphs.
D To describe how, where and when Smart Technology will be introduced.

9  In paragraph 6, what can be inferred about the introduction of Smart Grid Technology?

A The technologies which produce most benefits will be introduced first.
B The cheapest technologies will be introduced first.
C The technologies which are most difficult to put into place will be introduced first.
D Technologically advanced systems will be introduced first.

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