How I would like celebrate the New Year


new-year-fireworks-picture-id1087025586.jpgIt is pleasant to celebrate the New Years  at home and  with my friend as well. I wish to rend an apartment on North Avenue to celebrate the New Year with them there,tasting different delicious  kinds of dishes and sweets.Till 12 o’clock I would like to sit with my friends in front of the fireplace and talk about different  things.When it is already late we will go to the Republic Square to celebrate the New Year under the beautiful lights of the Christmas tree,drinking wine and congratulating each other.

New Year is beautiful everywhere,I think that the most important thing about the New Year is the fact that all people on the planet live in peace,and love each other.I wish that all the New Year bells jingle and jingle during the New Year night with beautiful magic mood, and let the lights always be at all houses.

The New Year is very special for me and my mother.My mother acts as a Dzyunanush on the stage.Every year she appears on the stage with Dzmer Pap and make hundreds of children happy.


It is not important how many days there are in your life,it is important how much life there is in your days.Let this New Year night be full of life,love, and happiness

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