My Autmn Holidays

Mostly I spent my autumn holidays, taking care of my favourite garden. Besides taking care of my garden I also feed the dogs, living there, make fires, listen to music , enjoying the nature and the view opening in the starful sky. The atmosphere of the garden is very warm and interesting and it appeals to me very much. There are beautiful firtrees, a small cottage, a swing which is made by me. There are also wooden chairs, a wooden table where we can sit and talk and discuss different subjects.

During my holidays my friends and I went to a rock concert on the 30th of October, where people were celebrating the Eve of Halloween. It was great. We enjoye the musuc and the songs, danced and had a great day.

On Halloween I chose my character, it was a zombie. I was made up with latex and fake blood. My friends were made up, too, for example, vampire, a zombie, Malificent and Mumie and so on. So we gathered and went to different pubs and clubs, congratulated the rest of our friends, and had a great time.

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