Walt Disney


Walt Disney was born in 1901 in Chicago, but soon moved to a 2. small farm near Marceline, Missouri. From this rural and rather humble 3. beginning, he later became one of the most famous and beloved 4. motion-picture producers in history. Although he died in 1966, his 5. name and artistic legacy continue to influence the lives of millions of 6. people throughout the world. 7. After several years of barely making ends meet as a cartoon artist 8. operating from his Los Angeles garage, Disney had his first success in 9. 1928, with his release of Mickey Mouse cartoon. Throughout the next 10. decade, he continued to produce a number of cartoons, and developed 11. more of his highly profitable and enduring creations, such as Donald 12. Duck and Pluto. In the late 1930s, he issued the first full-length 13. cartoon film. Snow White became an instant commercial and critical 14. success. This was only the first of many films, both animated and not, 15. produced by Disney and his studio. 16. But as renowned as Disney name is for cartoons and movies, it is 17. probably best known for a string of spectacular amusement and theme 18. parks. Starting with California‟s Disneyland in 1955 and culminating 19. with the fantastically successful Disney World and EPCOT Center in 20. Florida, Disney became a household name. In recent years, the theme 21. park concept has become international, with openings in Tokyo and 22. Paris. With the continuing success of Disney, the creation of future 23. theme parks is under discussion.

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